Who was more biblical concerning the cause of conversion and revival? Jonathan Edwards or Charles Finney?

My answer is posted under the “Other Writings” tab.  The appendix is not nitty gritty practical.  Practical thoughts would be quite welcome.  This is an important issue – to steal Iain Murray’s book title, it is the issue of “revival and revivalism” or better, revival or revivalism.  In a day where many of our churches have been born out of revivalism, practice revivalism, and do so in newer and cooler ways, a discussion of the issues and of biblical conversion and revival is extremely neglected, and extremely important.


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  1. Hey man, just wanted to tell you that i love you and am praying for you and Jenny constantly. Hope all is well in KY, and that your teaching through Luke is being used by Jesus to lead others to Himself. Just found out that a great conference is coming to Durham this June (http://www.advance09.com/). Come go to it with me man…you definitely have a place to stay.

    We find out what Lil Peanut is on Monday…ill be sure to let yall know!

  2. if that link doesn’t work…try this one:

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