From Minneapolis at the 2009 Desiring God Pastor’s Conference

This past Saturday morning, Jenny and I embarked on the 13 hour trip from Louisville to Minneapolis for the Pastor’s Conference with our friends Eric and Anna Schaefer. The conference is titled “Commending Christ.”  Tonight, being as late as it is, I’ll give some highlights from the trip thus far (not including Mark Dever’s talk from tonight’s opening event of the conference; that will come with more time):

1.  Did I mention that it was a 13 hour car ride?

2.  Oddly, the temperature changed 50 degrees while we were driving – it was -6 degrees in southern Indiana at 5 a.m. when we left, and as we travelled north it actually became significantly warmer, 44 degrees when we arrived in the twin cities.

3.  Arrived just in time for Saturday night’s service at Bethlehem – worship in song was truly a blessing, and of course, Piper’s sermon concerning God’s plans in and with and through our current recession was so very good – a true reminder of the majesty of God.  To read or listen, click here.

4.  The Schaefer’s, having been members at Bethlehem, hooked us all up with housing and tremendous hospitality via sweet brother and sister in the Lord, Jack and Mary Delk – we thank the Lord for their kindness.

5.  Jenny and I have met so many unique people through the Schaefer’s previous friendships with them; we have made their rounds with them and have been tremendously blessed by the authenticity of these brothers and sisters in the Lord and their loving hospitality towards us; we were particularly fond of the Heddle’s (not to take away from the others), due to their native Scottish and English accents – so cool.  In later conversation, it was wonderful to reflect upon the reconciliation that occurs between human beings in the gospel alone, for a man and woman from South Carolina, having believed upon Christ, may find more common ground and unity of heart with a man from England and a woman from Scotland who also have believed upon Christ, than they may have with their unbelieving parents, or friends, or neighbors next door.  The union is found in Christ; though we are from afar, yet in Christ, we are immediately and fantastically family, one in Him.  (You can check out the site concerning their sweet daughter and read her amazing story of infancy here.)

6.  I ate deer meat in chili for the first time – oh yeah – and a “lettuce wrap”? – and an apple salad with snicker bars in it (random).

7.  Studied Hebrew for 4 hours this morning only to discover that I know less about the language now than I did when I started – I think Mounce calls this “the fog” or something – but that’s Greek and this is Hebrew – I’d say it’s a little more dense!

8.  Jenny and I walked on water this morning – truly – with an 18 inch think covering of ice – ever wanted to see cars drive on lakes?  Come to Minnesota!

9.  Apparently Jenny and I have southern accents – who knew?

10.  Lastly, I’d say that there’s at least 1500 men at this conference – when we stood to sing it sounded like a vast army rising – and when we sang unto the Lord, well, the army lived – truly an amazing sound – oh yeah, and then there was Dever on “what the gospel is” – but that will come tomorrow – maybe – if there’s time!

Grace to you all from Minneapolis, Minnesota in Christ Jesus to the glory of God.