Hughley Interviews Driscoll on Sex

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  1. I was pretty disappointed. I think some people are being unfair to Driscoll about this because they expected a full sermon in his 7 minutes of airtime. But Hughley was practically asking outright for the Gospel at the very end, and I was really surprised Driscoll didn’t go into a quick Gospel vs. religion discussion that pointed more towards Christ.

    • I was going to write a response to it, because I had been told by some that it was relatively good. My take is, like yours, more pessimistic. I was actually, extremely, disappointed. I understand what you are indicating – that we shouldn’t expect a full sermon with such time restraints. I was not in Driscoll’s situation, have no clue as to what may have been said before or after the clip, but I was disappointed with the clip seen. In further agreement with what you wrote, I thought there were several instances where he could’ve have been more biblically forthright – especially in his take on things like masturbation, the effects of redemption, and the Gospel which would have taken no more time than the jokes interspersed within the context of the conversation. I was not surprised by any one thing that Hughley said – not one, heard them all – and I’m sure that Driscoll had as well. Nevertheless, sometimes we must forfeit star chat in favor of straight forward truth propositions. He may or may not have before or after the interview, but during the clip, pertinent and timely topics were passed by with relative ease without the hint of redemption in Christ and the effect of the new birth.

  2. Although i agree that Driscoll should have hit the Gospel a little harder, let us remember that he was on the show to talk about the Christian view on sex. Don’t get me wrong…i do affirm that the Gospel should be woven into any chance we have to share it. But who knows, maybe they did not tell Driscoll how long the interview would last, and when he looked up, the camera man told him he had 15 seconds to go….let’s remember that he did get Hughley back on track at the end by reminding him that the hypocrites in our churches are not a reflection of the Gospel…the Gospel is a reflection of Jesus.

    • To your points, dear brother and best friend, I would give him some latitude – there is a reason that I was not the one being interviewed. However, to the issue of time, I would imagine that he knew he didn’t have long – 7 minutes to be exact. Therefore, it is not an issue of time for me, but rather the use of that time. He found time, for instance, to crack a joke about masturbation but no time to correct his response that it is nowhere written of in the Bible – this is misleading, for although it is not written out by word, neither is the Trinity, but we affirm it, and we would affirm that the Bible is clear that we are to abstain, flee from sexual immorality. The majority of the time, masturbation is, in fact, immoral. Furthermore, Hughley spoke directly to an apparent hypocrisy that I am sure many unbelievers maintain precisely because they do not understand redemption, namely, how is it that one can engage in certain sins (in his case, premarital sex) and then, having become a Christian, tell others to abstain from such certain sins like premarital sex. This was a prime opportunity for him to say something just as short but more profound than the church is filled with people who make mistakes – the church is filled with sinners who have been redeemed from those sins, given the Holy Spirit, and trust in the cross of Christ daily for movement, life, and being. This was primed to whisper something of heart change! Lastly, his words at the end – do you like Jesus? or something to that effect – and (after Hughley saying he did), he replied something like, “well that’s all that matters.” Really? I just thought that that was poor stewardship of seven minutes – for the most part – but again, I wasn’t the one being interviewed. I am thankful that God has placed Driscoll in the sight of people like Hughley, and CNN viewers for the purpose of being a light to the world, and a voice of culture redemption in and through Christ alone. May Christ be praised! Love you man!

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