Grace, Glory, Motivations and Gospel Endeavor: Interlude Between Post Series

I find it a prominent theme in the Bible that one should be in constant check with his or her motivations when it comes to gospel ministry.  Paul would often write of men and women in the ministry who would preach Christ and yet do that with impure and improper motivations, namely, not the advancement of the name of Christ but the advancement of one’s own name at the expense of Christ.  Admittedly, I am personally and consistently convicted on the matter.

And so I pray that God would, in being merciful and gracious, remind me of Himself constantly; consume me with His Son.  For in the end, it will be known that life was all about the glory of God in Jesus Christ; and so, to know that end in time, is proper motivation to live and love and minister towards that end in time.  It is one thing to articulate the goal of God; it is another entirely to move towards it.

Will our lives and ministries reveal self-centered motivations and self-advancing secrets of the inner man?  Or will we, sometimes even agonizingly against ourselves, seek our joy in that great goal at the end of redemptive history, which is, thus, the goal (of course) right now?  To be used of God in any manner to propagate and herald the gospel of His grace; to be a vessel of mercy rather than one of self worship.  These are difficult things – motivations – for they lie within that inner man.  Know doubt that some may hear us teach or preach or pray and truly believe that we are so godly – and yet all the while, even as one teaches or preaches or prays, innately we know the battle of motivations very intimately – and often we are taken by the lure of our own name.

What are we before God’s magisterial name but dust and ashes, and being so reckoned, is it not our best to understand what God’s motivation, purpose, goal is, and how He has eternally set Himself to bring it about – should not this be our pattern for everything we do in life and ministry?  It sounds pretty, perhaps, but it is painful – God’s motivation is the display of His glory, the majesty of His own name, the manifestation of His power, the redemption of sinners who will be satisfied (not in pithy, temporal, and fleeting wastes but) in this infinitely satisfying God, and He has always done it in and through one Son, one man, with one name, the only name by which men can be saved – Jesus Christ!

If God’s delight is the display of Himself, and His method is the revelation of His Son, Jesus Christ, then our truest living and truest ministry must be oriented around these same things, for this is to pursue and reflect the heart of God.  And so I pray that God will make our lives and ministries reflective of His delight and method of revealing that delight; that is, that everything we do as Christians, and as ministers of the gospel would be centrally oriented around making God known rather than ourselves, and utilizing God’s method; that is, exalting His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, for the Son is the revelation of the Father.  A life, a ministry built upon a passion for the nations to know the infinitely satisfying God through the message of the gospel wherein Jesus is made known, and in Him, this God displayed in glory – this must be the sum of our motivation(s).

Let us then be every sober towards this walk of life and ministry, by drinking deeply of God’s supreme delight in God and the exclusivity and preeminence of Jesus’ name in which this God and His glory are displayed.  “All hail the power of Jesus’ name; let angels prostrate fall; bring forth the royal diadem; and crown Him Lord of all!”

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  1. brian….interesting article I read for Ethics, would like your input

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