Life Entry – “Ode to Jenny”

I can’t help but write about the sweet developments of marriage.  Recently, there has been a “next-level” sort of engagement.  Jenny and I have been in Louisville for just over two months now and the distance from other family members has served to deepen our love for one another.  I believe that it is a true statement in our marriage that we have grown more in love as time has passed, that we loved each other well enough in relationship to the season to be wed, but that it has intensified as the days have gone by for the last 27 and-a-half months such that the measure of that love seems to be but mere puppy love in comparison to the reality of our love for one another right now.  These past two months alone have served in a tremendous way to send our love through a “love warp” of sorts into something completely different than its initial onset.  By different I mean to be understood as implying “better”, much better in fact; indeed, much more dear and sacrificial and true; much more Christ-honoring and gospel-ordered I do believe.  It is this, this Christ-like consideration of one another, of ministering to one another, of looking at her as my main ministry unto Christ, and she unto me as that service of the church unto Christ, this particularity (particular love) seems to be coming to a beautiful fruition, and this moment, although increasingly great, is but the foretaste of what tomorrow holds, and that only a foretaste of the love and splendor of the next day.  For she is exceptional to me – a lover of Christ, of people, both the church and the lost, a diligent worker who by her sheer tirelessness often secures my own increased efforts in study, a wonderful wife, spectacular friend, an invitational hostess, a beautiful woman.  I write with all certainty that God has blessed me among men by giving her unto me, and unto me the task of presenting her back to Him spotless and blameless.  This is the sublime treasury of my marriage, the grace of life.  Accordingly I praise God, the author of every good and perfect gift.

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