Orange Glory or Bust?

In honor of some of my friends (Barley and J.P. Harmon, etc.) I am going to include on this blog a post that will only occur once every year.  It is one week from the kickoff of another college football season.  Anyone who has read this blog who doesn’t know me too well should know this – I’m an avid college football fan and I haven’t missed a Clemson home game since 1986.  I can already hear the “Idolatry” chants.  Perhaps!  Or just an insane hobby, or in Clemson’s case, another reason to focus more on the CERTAIN hope of glory in Christ.  After all, Clemson football is nationally known for its “oh so close and yet so far away” persona.  I don’t do it often, but I’m going to lay out exactly what will happen for Clemson this year (at least until they actually kickoff, – then my guarantee is removed!)  So, Barley be kind, – I did give your Gamecocks some love.  P, you are my witness to past prognostication greatness.  With those qualifiers out of the way, HERE IS EXACTLY HOW IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN:

1.  The Georgia Dome will be rocking next Saturday to the tune of 80,000 orange clad and crimson colored spectators.  The lines will make the difference in this clash.  Typically that hasn’t panned out well for Clemson.  However, the senior leadership of Harper, Davis, Kelly, Scott and Hamlin will be just enough as the preseason ACC favorites squeak by a middle of the road SEC opponent.  Clemson – 24 Alabama – 16.

2.  The next week brings RIVAL Citadel.  Citadel?  Citadel!  The awesome frosh class for Clemson will run roughshod in this one.  Clemson – 55 The Citadel – 6.

3.  N.C. State comes to Death Valley having already played and almost upset South Carolina a couple weeks prior.  Clemson is good; State is not as good.  It is in Death Valley!  But this has meant a big “L” for the Tigers in the past.  Seriously, State is two years away, and Clemson has all of the offensive components working in this game.  Clemson – 45 N.C. State – 17.

4.  S.C. State is next on the slate.  That’s not a typo, – “S”.C. State.  Say no more, – Clemson rolls up another twinkie.  Clemson -63 S.C. State – 7.

5.  Now we get into the season a bit.  Clemson stands 4-0 in convincing fashion against nobody better than average.  Maryland is capable of winning this matchup.  Clemson is flying high having not yet lost.  Maryland has issues up front and at quarterback.  Davis, Spiller, and Harper combine for 250 yards rushing and the Terps hide away in their shells.  Clemson – 38  Maryland – 17.

6.  This week brings Clemson’s FIRST true away game at Wake Forest.  The Deac’s are considered a threat in the Atlantic Division.  This is a set up game for Clemson.  Every Tiger fan is scared of this one, – seriously!  And everyone is picking Wake!  That is why I won’t.  It will be close for 2 and half quarters before Clemson runs away 31-20.

7.  Week 7 brings the Tigers back to the Valley against Georgia Tech’s new option assault.  This is a tweener game and one that the Tigers normally overlook.  Road games against Boston College and Florida State loom.  Clemson looks ahead for 50 minutes of this game and then realizes, “Hey, we’ve got to get moving.”  And they will with two late scores for separation.  Clemson – 28  GT – 17.

8.  Oh, Boston College.  3 for 3 against Clemson.  All three have been heart-breakers.  Last year’s drama kept Clemson from the ACC championship game.  I smell revenge in the air.  Finally, Clemson gets over the BC hump and moves forward to an 8-0 record.  By now they are in the top 4 in the country.  Clemson – 33 BC – 24.

9.  I can here that Indian drum thumping already.  Florida State in Tallahassee.  A top 4 ranking on the line as well as new national title dreams.  This sounds familiar, like in 2000, when Clemson at 8-0 lost to Georgia Tech on a last second touchdown from George Godsey.  The next week they were pulverized by FSU, 54-7.  That’s not going to happen here.  Let’s face it, FSU is down for the count.  Talent?  How about terrible evaluations.  Clemson has FSU’s number, – 3 years in a row and Clemson is just better.  It’s starting to shape up nicely for Clemson.  Clemson – 27 FSU – 14.

10.  Duke.  Duke?  Duke!  Alright, so they’ll be better under the tutelage of David Cutcliffe, – just not good enough to beat Clemson in the Valley with so much on the line.  Closer than expected and a wake up call for the Burnt Orange.  Clemson – 34 Duke – 20.

11.  Oh, Virginia.  Is this the misstep?  On the road in Charlottesville.  Virginia’s style of play will really bother Clemson in this game.  They are a pro-form team.  Two capable running mates and good tight ends.  If this program weren’t in disarray they would normally beat Clemson on this day in this setting, – because Clemson is Clemson.  This is the miracle game that goes Clemson’s way as a last second field goal goes through for a 19-17 victory.  Whewwwww!

12.  The ACC title game already sown up, Clemson is playing for a spot in the national championship game against rival South Carolina.  I can’t sleep the night before.  I’m sweating all day.  My insides are twisted.  My mind is already pessimistically thinking, “If Carolina wins we’ll never, ever hear the end of this, – how they ruined our perfect season.”  The game is close.  Too close.  Fans are fainting.  Clemson pulls through at home.  Sorry Barley, I’m going for it, – Clemson – 27 USC – 17.

12-0!  Now, since I am usually 1 or two off I should call for 10-2 or 11-1.  But, call orange tinted glasses if you want, – Clemson is better than every team that it plays this season.  Of course, they have been each of the past 3 years also.  Call me crazy but 10-2 seems like the worst case scenario.  12-0 the best case.  Should I go 11-1?  Nah, it’s college football season and the Tigers are running down the hill to Tiger Rag right into your living room, – 12-0!  Fight Tigers, fight Tigers, fight, fight, fight!!!!!!!!  Bring it on!


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  1. Although i couldn’t hear the words in first person speech in a Penskie truck tor with the guys at Fatz, these were just as sweet. One question though… Which games fall into your “mark it down” category? Week 1 is almost here! Be sure to put your picks in!

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