The Sinfulness of the Sin of Silence, Part 1

I want it to be known that this series will be blogged due in large part to my own evangelical apathy and the burden and conviction that I have personally felt as time and time again I continue to fail in “setting the Pearl of greatest price” before all men. Accountability is another reason for this series. It is my hope that we will be encouraged by the posts that follow. Much of what is offered is a remembrance of and a thinking upon the many times that I have clipped my lip or bit my tongue even though God’s Spirit was compelling me to speak up. I’d like to address the questions like, “What do I say?” or “How can I get it off my tongue?” or maybe even “Why don’t I have a passion to do this?” and “Where does it come from?”

My aim is to display a universal guilt in the multiplicity of Gospel shortcomings, – everyone has failed in a variety of ways and arenas, and therefore, all must repent towards a more Christ-like means of evangelism. I will attempt at rectifying biblically and logically the sinfulness of this sin of silence, and thereby, to encourage all believers practically in Gospel endeavor, – that we may know the privilege of being the Divine means, a.k.a., the role of human responsibility in God’s end of evangelizing the world for the sake of His name. Let us aspire to that triumphant sentence – “I have warned everyone; I am clean of the blood of all men.”

I have entitled the series The Sinfulness of the Sin of Silence to bring about a deep realization of the nature of that evil that becomes us when we shut up from the world that exclusive and most urgent cure which is able to alleviate the fallen nature of man, the ultimate disease of humanity, and reconcile them to God. But this is necessary, for if we do not feel this, we will not feel a burden for the lost or the great assurance that comes from walking in Christ’s command.

May God bless you – whoever you are – as you read, and me as I blog, that we might all become more passionate and intense for the salvation of sinners. Please dialogue with me on these things that God’s Spirit might be glorified in the edification of His Body. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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