In A 2004 Article by Jeff Robinson…

Robinson quotes Gary Knapp, and although the circumstances of such a quote saddens me, the quote itself I find encouraging and worthy of reflection in light of postmodernism and the churches taken captive by the waves of culture and individual subjectivism as the basis of reality and truth. The Resurgence website supplied Robinson’s article. I would encourage you to read the whole article, for it concerns the compromise of a popular megachurch.

In the article Knapp says (though the italics belong to me),

“Despite how [some] might define and understand postmodernism and the church, I think the classic definitions apply to Mars Hill and churches like it…”

“Truth for them seems to be more subjective and experiential than a product of a worldview developed by means of an interaction with God’s Word, an interaction that often requires rigorous exegetical study and a measured reflection upon the results of that study.


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